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​Welcome to my website.

I hope you enjoy browsing. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested and have any projects you would like to discuss.

Theatre Direction and Acting

I direct plays for local and professional groups. My experience lies in both classic and modern plays as well as adaptation, community and forum theatre. I have a musical background, play piano and cello.

Having taught and directed for many years, I have recently returned to performing . 

2015: Lady Bracknell : BBC World Service: Learning English.  'The Importance of being Earnest'. Directed by Finn Aberdein

2015   Queen Anne of Denmark: BBC World Service Learning English. Shakespeare Speaks.  Directed by Catherine Chapman


During lockdown I have developed a satirical character AUNT EDITH, devoted Aunt to Boris de Pfeffel Johnson who has her own youtube channel at




I offer courses for teachers, practitioners, students, young people & business people. The tasks are designed to be failsafe,

challenging and enjoyable. I have recently travelled to Stuttgart to deliver my Course, Shakespeare With Young People to a dual language classroom.

Please see Course details in the Menus. 

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